If you are looking for a great martial arts school in the Louisville, Kentucky area, look no further than Louisville Martial Arts Academy.  [Instructor and child] We offer fun and exciting classes for ages five and up in a safe, family-oriented atmosphere. Whether you are looking for Karate, Kung-Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Kickboxing or weapons training, we have a great curriculum to accommodate the schedule and needs of your entire family. Whether you've never taken a martial arts class before or hold multiple black belts, Louisville Martial Arts Academy offers training at your skill level. Whether your goals are defending against schoolyard bullies, avoiding assault, training for MMA competition, or just getting into better shape and building confidence, we offer classes to meet your needs. We offer separate classes specifically for women, teens and children, so each student gets specific, relevant training. We would like to invite your family to come in and experience our martial arts programs for yourselves.  [Girl with sticks] You will get in shape, relieve stress, become more focused and energetic, gain confidence, and learn to continually improve yourselves.

We realize that there are many choices available to you and your family. You should choose wisely. Beware of the programs that offer a black belt in two years and promote based solely on attendance or time elapsed. This approach only provides students with a false sense of security. At Louisville Martial Arts Academy we offer a superior and ethical program that teaches the concepts and principles necessary to confidently defend yourself.

One of the things that sets LMAA apart is our commitment to providing genuine self defense skills to students of all ages.  [San Shou Throw] The programs at LMAA address self defense techniques for real-world situations. If you or your child must defend yourselves, then it is important to understand the different ranges of an encounter: weapons, striking, trapping and grappling. You will have the opportunity to study five different martial arts. Each style offers a different type of workout from the others and will make you a more well-rounded martial artist.

Students will learn to move with speed, power, and grace to effectively defeat attackers even if they are much larger or armed. Students will learn techniques that will allow them to use their opponent's energy against them and render them helpless without even throwing a punch. Students will also discover amazingly simple techniques which will allow them to disable their attacker using submission holds no matter their size. To learn more about our programs, please visit ourdisciplines page.