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Louisville Martial Arts Academy

Code of Conduct

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  1. Always bow when entering and leaving the Dojo.
  2. Practice what you learn and try to perfect your techniques to the best of your abilities. This includes spare time in the Dojo, and regularly doing conditioning exercises at home on off days.
  3. Always set a good example for other students, especially lower belts. Be aware that they will try to emulate senior students.
  4. Never lose your temper in the dojo, especially while sparring.
  5. No sparring unless authorized by an instructor.
  6. Help other students to learn and succeed. Recognize that you are all members of a strong group sharing common goals and interests.
  7. Remember your conduct inside and outside the gym reflects upon the art and the Academy. Keep in mind that you can not discard your responsibility for the martial arts skills which you have learned, wherever you go.
  8. Behave honorably. Never be impolite. Try to live by the tenets which guide the art: courtesy, integrity, self control, and perseverance.
  9. Keep your uniform (or attire appropriate to the class you're training in) clean and complete at all times.
  10. Keep your body clean and fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.
  11. No street shoes, hats, jewelry or hard objects, may be worn while training. No gum, food or drink except water in the Dojo.
  12. No loud talking, profanity, horseplay, or running games in the Dojo.
  13. Always treat other persons and their property with courtesy and respect, inside or outside the Academy.
  14. Keep quiet while the instructor is speaking or demonstrating techniques.
  15. Remember you are here to learn. A respectful, humble, and receptive attitude toward the art and your instructor's efforts to teach you is advised.
  16. Carry out the instructor's directives promptly, do not keep the rest of the class waiting for you.
  17. Obey your instructors and address them in the proper manner. Answer someone's call properly with "yes," but never with "what" or "yeah". Children should also obey this rule at home with their parents.
  18. If you are having trouble learning a technique, raise your hand or approach the instructor for help.
  19. Do not teach any techniques without the instructor's permission to do so.
  20. Be on time, warm up or practice before class begins. If you arrive late, stretch quietly on the floor at the back of the Dojo until the instructor grants permission for you to join the class.
  21. Request permission from the instructor if you have to leave the gym for any reason before class ends.
  22. Notify one of the instructors if you are unable to attend for more than one week.
  23. Never misuse the techniques which are taught. Martial Arts techniques learned in the Academy are not to be used outside the Dojo unless your safety or the safety of others is in jeopardy. Your conduct reflects upon the art and the Academy.
  24. Practice only those techniques that are appropriate to the age, aptitude, and ability of your partners and practice only in the dojo.
  25. Treat others respectfully and courteously, particularly those older and of higher rank than oneself.

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