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EBMAS Wing Tzun

EBMAS Wing TzunEBMAS Wing Tzun is a system of practical self-defense, a system that can be successfully practiced by anyone regardless of their size. Wing Tzun enables men and women of every age to defend themselves.

Wing Tzun is an external style (relies on body mechanics) but does not rely on brute strength. On the contrary, softness (via relaxation) is fundamental to the style and essential to deflect, negate, and use an opponent's power against him. Classification as a "hard" style is therefore misleading.

The principle concept of Wing Tzun is simplicity. It is based on speed and economy of movement rather than on muscular strength. Wing Tzun emphasizes attack and defense along the centerline - an imaginary vertical line drawn along the nose, throat, navel and groin. EBMAS Wing TzunThe human body's prime striking targets are considered to be on or near this line. Because of this, defensive arm movements need not go beyond the shoulders. Attacking punches are delivered at close range and in a straight line. Kicks are kept at or below the opponent's waist to help the Wing Tzun practitioner maintain balance and to make it more difficult for the opponent to catch the kicking leg.

EBMAS Wing Tzun at Louisville Martial Arts Academy offers high quality martial arts training with a focus on fitness, health and self-defense. Learning the EBMAS system can provide tremendous advantages for the individual student such as realistic self-defense skills, stress relief, new friends, overcoming fear, finding a healthy balance in life, getting control over dangerous situations and many more. Advanced students learn to apply the philosophical background of the EBMAS system to their daily life and see the great benefits of it.EBMAS Wing Tzun

Wing Tzun enables men and women of every age to defend themselves against a stronger opponent. The student learns quickly how to protect him/herself efficiently in a realistic situation. Wing Tzun teaches one to overcome the opponent's force with relatively soft movements.

In practicing Wing Tzun, the focus is less on drilling powerful and quick techniques and more about developing a softness in the limbs which prevents the restriction in movement created by being tense. The system also stresses minimal movements to achieve the necessary effect so all movement is as efficient as possible.

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