Shaolin Kempo is known for both the beauty and grace of its style as well as its practicality as a self defense system. You will learn to become equally proficient at using your hands and feet to defend yourself. You will learn to defend yourself in a wide variety of street type situations (chokes, grabs, stabs, clubs, punches, kicks, multiple attackers, etc).

The art of Shaolin Kempo is derived from three styles of martial arts:

Kempo Karate is derived from traditional Japanese Karate and is based equally on hand strikes and kicks. It focuses on using multiple strikes in rapid succession to different parts of the body.

[Shaolin Kempo] Shaolin Kung-Fu bases its study on the movements and characteristics of five animals: the tiger, snake, leopard, dragon and crane. Kung-Fu traces its roots back to ancient China. The Chinese thought that animals fought instinctively well and incorporated animal type movements into its fighting style. Students will develop balance, coordination and grace through the study of Kung-Fu.

Jiu-Jitsu utilizes a variety of joint locks, pressure points, and take downs in order to maniuplate and control an opponent without necessarily using strikes. Literally translated as "the gentle art," Jiu-Jitsu teachniques attain their power and effectiveness through the use of leverage and balance as opposed to physical strength.

These three styles combine to make Shaolin Kempo a unique and beautiful martial art. From children to adults of all ages it is the beauty of the movements and the fun and energetic lessons that have created a love for the art of Shaolin Kempo.