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Kids' Programs

If you are looking for a great martial arts program for your child, we invite you to come to Louisville Martial Arts Academy to watch or participate in one of our kids' classes. We offer an exciting and fun program that is guaranteed to improve your child's self discipline, physical fitness, self esteem and confidence.

Kids' classes are offered in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shaolin Kempo Karate, and San Shou Kickboxing. All are excellent choices for girls as well as boys!

Kids' Jiu-JitsuThe kids' Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program teaches children the basics of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a safe, non-threatening, non-competitive way. Moves and skills are taught to children in a fun and game-like way, so they feel like active participants in a fun learning process, instead of going through rote memorization of forms. Classes are divided by age and skill level, so each child gets relevant training that�s both incredibly fun and easy to learn. As with all our arts, children will learn how to deal with opponents who are larger and stronger than them, and, perhaps most importantly, how to use their martial arts training and the confidence that comes with it to AVOID physical altercations whenever possible.

Kids' Shaolin Kempo Karate The kids' Shaolin Kempo Karate program introduces children to the traditional art of Shaolin Kempo Karate. Participants develop not only self-defense skills, but precise motor skills, coordination, balance, memory, and discipline as well. Developing proper form for punches and kicks is challenging, but also enjoyable and incredibly rewarding for children. The skills learned in our classes transfer over to other aspects of life as well - concentration, discipline and attention to detail are increased and children instinctively use these skills in other areas of life.

Our parents tell us that their children's martial arts training gives them a marked increase in confidence and self-discipline that improves all areas of their lives. Their grades get better, they're better behaved and they gain the confidence to say NO to peer pressure. We remind them that martial arts training is a commitment to excellence and have seen how that commitment can change the lives of even the youngest participants. We also consistently remind the children to carry this commitment to excellence outside of the academy and into their school and home.

Martial arts training can have a tremendous impact on children with attention defecit or aggression issues. In our program, children learn how to focus their energy and attention in a way that will have positive and far-reacing effects. They also build self esteem and self confidence which helps tremendously in reducing agression.

There are many advantages to participating in martial arts instead of, or in addition to, team sports. If you have a child who does not enjoy team-related activities, martial arts provide an excellent way for your child to learn not only the physical skills of athletics, including coordination and body awareness, but also mental and social skills such as concentration, memory, and peer relations.

While several of our young students do participate in various martial arts competitions, we teach primarily from a self-defense standpoint. It's our goal that every child be able to hold his or her head high and live a life free from the fear of being threatened or bullied in any form. Martial Arts training instills a powerful confidence in students that empowers them to stand up for themselves when necessary.

It's said that with great power comes great responsibility, so a critical part of our program is instilling in children the concept that a physical altercation is always a last resort, and never something to be taken lightly. Knowing when to use your martial arts skills is just as important as the skills themselves, and we make sure to equip students with that knowledge.

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